Mauricio Terrones, Ph.D
Yin‐Ting (Tim) Yeh, Ph.D
Chief Technology Officer
Nestor Perea‐Lopez, Ph.D
Director of Engineering
James Pietropaolo
Commercialization Advisor

About Us

Technology Summary: The technology consists of a portable sample preparation
platform that enables high‐efficiency virus enrichment from field samples (from
cotton swabs and tissue biopsy), without using any antibody. The platform allows
the specific capture of viral particles while removing host or sample contaminates.
Viruses of interest are trapped by carefully tuning the filter pore size.
Application and Market Utility: Proof‐of‐concept studies have demonstrated the
platform to be compatible with plant, animal and human samples. The Technology
Readiness Level for both indications is estimated to be a 5/9. During initial studies
the USDA has validated the test for the diagnosis of Plum Pox Virus. Soon to be
published experiments additionally validate the test for the capture (and
subsequent NGS analysis) of Avian Influenza.Type your paragraph here.

Advanced Virus Enrichment and Detection


Platform Qualities:
* Label‐free platform to trap/enrich
viruses from field samples.
* A tunable trapping size with a
range of 17‐525nm, which covers
95% of discovered virus size ranges.
* High porosity (~90%) enables a
wide range of clinically relevant
sample volumes (50μl‐5mL).
* Compatible with current standard
virus detection methods, including
PCR, immuno‐staining, and nextgeneration
sequencing (NGS).
* Improves detection limit of PCR by
150‐600x over commercially
available methods.